This service is currently being funded by the founder of HolidayViews Direct, for the benefit of you, the consumer. As the important guests who we, the accommodation owners, are so keen to re-connect with, this service is free.

Of course, even a start-up business has significant and growing costs which ultimately have to be covered. However, our business model is not about greed. It is about fairness, re-dressing the balance, and enhancing consumer choice.

In the future, accommodation owners and managers will pay a reasonable annual subscription per property in order to be registered and contactable. The more holiday lets and vacation rentals we can attract, the lower our average running costs will be, enabling us to keep the annual subscription within the bounds of reason. 

As an initial 'thank you' to the early adopters who register with HolidayViews Direct in the early days, and accept that there may be some technology and process 'bumps in the road', we will charge no subscription fee for at least the first 6 months, and hopefully much longer. This will be applicable to:

  • The first 150* UK properties.
  • The first 150* USA properties.
  • The first 150* European properties.
  • The first 150* properties from the Rest of the World.

and we will seek, longer-term, to reward those early adopters for their commitment to our new venture.

When the above geographic thresholds are met, a base annual subscription fee + local tax will be set, which will increase over time. Eventually, a reasonable market rate for annual membership of the service will be established.

The market rate will be set at a substantial discount to the savings which owners and their guests have the potential to make.

Pricing for agencies or websites promoting more than 5 properties will be available on request. 

*Maximum 3 free properties per account