About Us

HolidayViews Direct is a start-up. In many ways, it began life as a knee-jerk reaction to the changes taking place in the global holiday/vacation accommodation rental sector. Many owners, small businesses on the supply side of the holiday accommodation services market, are dismayed at the changes being brought about by the mega-brokerages which now dominate the holiday rentals landscape. They have poured unimaginable sums of investment into globalising the market, positioning themselves as business-critical intermediaries in what has become an indirect booking model. Prices have risen for the consumer, booking fees have certainly increased, advertising subscription rates have increased and their brokerage systems now dominate the marketplace.

  • On the supply-side, holiday accommodation is slowly being commoditised and owner contact with the consumer is being restricted by the indirect booking model and a 'take-it-or-leave-it' attitude from the brokerages.  
  • On the demand-side consumers are paying up to 21% in booking fees, with the brokerages effectively limiting and controlling access to the property owners.

In recent months, the initial knee-jerk has mellowed and a more rational consideration of the plight of the industry has taken hold. It is clear that the brokerages are under pressure to achieve a return on investment for the huge sums invested, and view their indirect, intermediating function as the route to achieving ROI through domination of the supply chain. 

However, both the supply side(owners) and the demand side(consumers) often resent the intermediary role of the brokerages and hark back to the direct booking business model, but with a 21st Century technology flavour. There is a groundswell of opinion that the disintermediation of this marketplace is now overdue. Consumers are increasingly keen to 'go direct' once again, in order to connect with the owner/manager, refine the details of their holiday accommodation directly with the owner and reduce the cost of their holiday. Owners and accommodation managers are similarly keen to re-connect with their guests, reduce their reliance upon the mega-brokerages, and stop being treated like a commodity.

And that is the rationale for our HolidayViews Direct initiative. We believe we have the support of the majority of owners and an increasing number of guests. We are committed to helping owners deliver an efficient and cost effective direct booking process which re-introduces flexibility into the process, beats the scammers, instills confidence and saves our guests money.