Most likely, you are here because you already know what the large Online Travel Agencies have done to accommodation prices and owner profits. Travelers are paying more, yet owner profits are being squeezed as the dominant 3rd party agencies take full advantage, leaving owners with few alternatives.

So, the proliferation of well-meaning ‘Book Direct’ start-ups is understandable. However, the vast majority are simply playing the large OTAs at their own game, building copycat listing sites with almost no technological or commercial differentiation. Without deep pockets, a difficult strategy.

HolidayViews Direct is not just another ‘Book Direct’ listing site. We are doing things differently, and are genuinely seeking to innovate through the application of technology and creative ideas:

  • Yes, you can add a listing to the database, just like most listing sites. However, we also enable you to download images from your social media content into your listing. So, instead of the ubiquitous slideshow from the last time you got around to uploading a few shots, the HVDFeed feature pulls your accommodation’s most recently posted social media content into your listing, and gets updated regularly. Near real-time image updates which inform the traveler and give them the confidence to book direct. Cool, eh?


  • Our ShortCircuit feature does what it says on the tin. If a traveller has found your accommodation on one of the large OTA sites, but wants to save money by short-circuiting the process to book direct, they can find you via ShortCircuit. All of your contact details are available in public. None are hidden.


  • The HVDealZone is also an innovation. Not only is it a listing of all of your current deals and seasonal offers which you can embed into your own website, you can add a deal to the HVDealZone from your social media account. Simply append a deal pattern(similar to a #hashtag) to a post on social media, and HVD will pick it up, interpret it and publish your deal online. No additional effort involved from you, the owner.

So, we are innovating, and there are lots more ideas in the pipeline. Join us now, support ‘Book Direct’, and re-gain some control over your accommodation business.


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